Finding trendy bars and pubs

Bars / Pubs

As you'd guess - Barsquib does bars. In fact it does a lot of them - all around the world. We can't guarantee we've got them all in yet (we're still in beta). If you know of one we haven't got - please let us know, so we can include them.

Searching for romatic restaurants


Some of the finer restaurants as well as many of the smaller, family-run local eateries feature in Barsquib - and we're always looking for more!

Some restaurants wil also include special deals which it's worth looking out for.

Finding trendy nightclubs


A quick blast at a nearby nightclub is one way to finish the night. Use Barsquib to find a selection of the nearest ones. The app will even give you directions on how to get there, and you can phone a local taxi firm directly from the app.

What's on tonight? [ events ]

Maybe you fancy watching a local band performing, or perhaps joining a local quiz night? Who's showing tonight's live football match on a big screen?

Whatever you fancy, Barsquib will find events local to where you are - even when you travel!

One tap of a button will bring up bars and restaurants with events coming up soon.

Get notified of Live music events in your area

Save money - restaurant deals

A nice meal out
[ say yes to offers! ]

Dining out is one of life's little luxuries we can't always afford, when we want it.

But when Barsquib finds a great deal on a local restaurant, a special discount, maybe a two-4-one offer or a free bottle of wine - surely it would be a shame to miss it? Yeah, we agree.

Barsquib is the only central app which focuses on great deal for going out. No need to trawl the local papers, scan hundreds of Facebook pages or waste time on websites trying to locate a good reason to go out tonight. Barsquib has it all in one place.

You have friends? [ invite them too ]

Barsquib goes great with friends! Invite them to join the fun and you can send them messages within the app. Find and discuss where you are going together. Post the details to Facebook or other social sites. Keep track of where your mates are using the geo-location thingy.

Barsquib invite your friends

How? [ download now ]

Barsquib is free to download for your iPhone or Android phone. More options coming soon!

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We welcome your feedback or queries! Please use the form below or you can email us at info@barsquib.com.