Barsquib {for the trade}

If you look after marketing or customer relations for a restaurant or bar, then the new Barsquib mobile app is designed for you.

What's it do?

Your profile [ public ]

Put your bar or restaurant in front of thousands of people who are actively searching for immediate information on what nightlife is going on in their area.

You have a whole page and up to ten photos to make an impression.

  • People are using Barsquib for one reason - to decide what to do and where to go tonight.
  • Barsquib is uncluttered, with a clear purpose.
  • It finds venues for people to go, gives them a great reason, and then directs them there.
  • It's focussed on just one thing, getting customers into venues - your venue.
  • App users can see where you are on the map, call you directly to book a table, and 'heart' your page - which adds them to your private network.

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Location, location, location
[ finding out about you ]

Barsquib is a unique and great new way for people to find out about you.

It's based around location, which is becoming the new norm. If they plan on gong out in your area, then your business and your offer or event will jump out at them, whether or not they already know you.

App users click one button and Barsquib finds them bars and restaurants close to their location.

Visitors to the area probably won't know about you, but Barsquib can tell them. You need to be in the app or they may go somewhere else.

Barsquib is very simple to use. It automatically knows a person's location, so can easily recommend bars and restaurants nearby.

Incentives & Events
[ Let them know what you're doing ]

You already do specials, happy hours, live music events or any other events? Does the whole town know?

Get them to download Barsquib, and your offer or event will be right on their phone, instantly. Better still, you can remind them with a quick notification direct to their phones on the day of the event. And it will only take you 30 seconds.

Change the offer whenever you want.

Put new events on the week before, so that app users can plan in advance, or maybe they'll choose your venue on the spur of the moment!



Your customers [ not ours ]

You can recruit customers to follow you in the app, and then you can communicate directly with them wherever they are.

These are your customers - kind of like your family. And Barsquib respects that.

Our job is to make it easier for you to communicate with them.

It's your own private network. You send them messages, and they can reply.

You, and only you can send them instant updates, directly to their phones. Why not remind them if the event you have running tonight? You can even personalise offers specifically for a certain section, e.g. regulars, or maybe those you who don't visit very often.

Next steps [ I want to get in there ]

  1. Download the app from iTunes or Google Play. If you haven't got a compatible phone, please email us so we can look at other options.
  2. When the app launches for the first time, enter your invite code 'trade' and choose your barsquib name which could be your real name, your business name, or any other made-up name, similar to a Twitter handle.
  3. Tap the 'next' button and enter your email address, choose a password, and tap 'join'. That's it!
  4. In the app, search for your business, visit the page for your business and then tap the icon on the top right (three dots) which will bring up a new menu.
  5. Tap on the 'Claim this venue' option.
  6. You now have control of this listing, and can modify the description, specify which facilities, your venue has, and add an offer or event - all accessed by the main home-screen menu.
  7. Tell your regulars to download Barsquib and 'heart' you. They will then join your private network, and you can keep them updated with your promotions and events within the app.

Subscriptions [ So what's it cost? ]

At the moment, all subscriptions are totally free while we continue to develop the app. We reserve the right to introduce a fee for some services at some point in the future. All business users will of course be given plenty of notice. We envisage that many of the services provided in the app will remain free forever.